Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bear with me.

As the title says, bear with me because this is another wedding post. Another one of many more to go. I think it's more of a checklist and reminder for myself (and SSD!) so I can keep track of what else needs to be done. If you're tired of this you can just close the window la! =|

  • Venue & Decoration Venue confirmed but I realized we've yet to discuss the actual decorations with them. Really hope they'll be able to create it the way I have it in mind. 
  • Photographer Confirmed! 
  • Outfits Gowns confirmed and bought. Pending collection. 
  • Makeup Confirmed. Can't wait for the trial!
  • Invitation Cards Done and bomb-dropping in process!
  • Engagement Shoot Met the photographer yesterday and I'm really hoping our photos will turn out as nice as those that he showed us. Or even nicer. I'm quite excited actually. 
  • Songs & Montage Planned. Awaiting photos.
  • Food Just waiting for the food-tasting session! My fave! =)
  • Guestlist Confirmed!
  • Favors All the stuff bought, just need to get our lazy asses moving!
  • Guestbook Again, stuff bought, but lazy to start working on it lol. 
  • Ring pillow HAHAHAHAHA lazy me. Yes I have all the stuff already. 
  • JOP Confirmed. Meeting him this weekend! 
  • Rings Bought. No idea what to engrave on it though. 
  • Taiwan minimoon A couple more rooms to book and we're done!

Some people may be wondering what's the big deal since it's just a ROM and not the actual wedding. Sometimes when I look at the increasing expenses, I'll also question myself "need do until so 夸张 or not?" But then again, this is like the only chance that I can customize my own wedding right? I mean, how special or different can a traditional tea ceremony be? Besides, this ROM is the legal one! And I'm really reluctant to hold a wedding dinner. Don't even wanna think about it. 

Soooooooo, I wish I can stop feeling so guilty about spending so much money on just a ROM. I'm gonna be really shameless here. We don't need gifts. We need money. Fullstop. =|

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