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think success, think mdis? no thanks.

[posted on 08/10/12]

lol drafted this wayy back last year on 30/11/11, but chose to post this only now because i totally had (and still have) NO confidence in the school's professionalism. i think they will 以小人之心度君子之腹 and 假公濟私 and 公報私仇 and don't let me graduate. 

so why post now, since i have graduated already? because potential students have the right to know what they're getting into. (disclaimer: everything here is what i have personally experienced. i did NOT make them up.)

incident one

so one day i tweeted about how my school's dress code rules were inconveniencing me. mainly because i go from home and it's lame to dress up just for that 2-3 hours. and the next afternoon, i received a call from the student services or whatever, requesting me to remove MY tweet.

she then proceeded to explain to me the rationale behind implementing this rule. apparently, it's so that students won't dress sloppily when going out in the workforce (or something like that). in that case, shouldn't it apply to diploma students only?
  1. night degree students mostly have working experience and know how to dress for work. 
  2. dressing in shorts to school doesn't mean we will dress like this to work. unless you tell me you dress formally everywhere (to sleep, to market, to the beach etc) JUST SO you won't dress sloppily for work. 
  3. it's a private school.
  4. i understand that students shouldn't dress too sexily. but shorts aren't sexy, hotpants are. spaghetti tops aren't sexy, bikini tops are. slippers aren't sexy, covered boots are. learn the freaking difference between sexy and convenience! -_-
look at this. "tertiary students should have the autonomy to wear what they want. she said: 'the move brings the students back to secondary school days, instead of letting them assume more personal responsibility. it's making the assumption that students can't make a decision on how they dress." NOT said by me. 

a simple search brought more of this up: this, this, and this (probably got lots more). and quoting her, "dress code and academics are not related". so true. if students are happy and produce excellent results, who cares what we wear to school? *rofl at self-contradict* there's a reason why NTU/NUS/SMU are more prestigious, and it ain't about the dressing. (even SIM, kaplan, and psb sounds better.)

anyway, i am somewhat upset by this rule, but not THAT upset to blog about it. i can still live with it. but what i'm pissed about is, they had the freaking cheek to call. i think the way they handle criticisms is clearly laugh-able. asking me to delete my comment is just....CHILDISH.

if she had said something like, "we know you're upset but this is the school's policy and the purpose is to discourage sloppiness blah blah blah, hope you understand", i wouldn't have been so pissed. 

i know this won't go down well with the school (if they can find my twitter, they probably can find my blog as well). i would have questioned her there and then myself but i was in the middle of my online quiz and have no time to waste. unlike the school, i prefer to spend my time and energy on academics. -_-

this is my way of asking, "is it really necessary, for the rule and more importantly, for asking me to delete the comment?"

p/s. rules are rules, and i will might abide by them. i guess it's somehow my fault for not checking properly (rule was implemented in 2008) cos if i had known earlier, i certainly WON'T choose this school. but it does not mean i'm happy with them and that i cannot express my personal comments about them. period. 

p/p/s. if the school asked me to delete my comment, how come they never sue the new paper journalists who wrote the above articles, or the people who made those statements, or request asiaone to remove it from the website? they have more influence than me lor.

p/p/p/s. i deleted the tweet absentmindedly cos i was concentrating on my quiz. i regretted it afterwards cos it made it appear as though i was in the wrong. and hence, this post.

i assume that it is the school's policy to call and ask people to remove their negative comments. but if she's doing it on her own accord (aka geh kiang), then please note my insults are directed to that busybody alone.

incident two

when i first signed the contract with them, i was to study 2 semesters (8 modules) plus 4 internship modules. nearing the end of semester one, i was informed that the school has reconsidered and i don't have to do the 4 internship modules. although by then i had already found out that the school actually anyhow places interns and they seriously have sucky pay (less than 1k?), but still, changing your bloody mind like this is not a professional way to do things cann?!

and the best part? 8 modules and 12 modules cost the same. FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU!! cheat my money lah!! -.-

incident three

there was never a proper hardcopy submission procedure, that even their lecturers are confused.

for semester one, as long as we submitted it online before the due date, we could always submit the hardcopy to the lecturer during the next lesson, even though it's after the due date.

for this semester, we had to submit it to the student service center (SSC) instead. one lecturer said submit to him at the next lesson (after due date), one said submit to SSC as soon as possible after submitting it online (can be after due date), one kicked up a fuss because i submitted it to SSC after the due date (due on fri, i submitted it the next mon).

this is really, really lame. how many years has the school been around? you can't even make up your mind how students should submit their reports? *shakes head*

... ...

after all this, i don't regret my decision to study, but i DO, DEFINITELY regret choosing this school now. fml that only they had the course i wanted.

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