Tuesday, November 29, 2011

happy 90th birthday, ah gong!

was browsing through my camera roll when i saw these random photos i had taken during my paternal grandfather's 90th birthday last friday. dinner was at pin si kitchen, yishun safra country club. i think "麻雀雖小, 五臟俱全" can be used to describe it. lols. the food was good too; only a couple of dishes i couldn't eat. i especially liked the hei zhor and fried tofu. =)

i usually don't bother blogging (or photographing) about gatherings with this side of the family, but i thought this was special. it's not everyday a relative turns 90, isn't it? besides, i kinda have a soft spot for the elderly, perhaps because i was brought up by my maternal grandparents. 

which is also why i have no qualms about giving up a seat to an elderly, but tend to curse and swear when i HAVE TO give it up to someone pregnant. i mean, growing old is a process everyone has to go through; it's not like they chose it. but pregnancy, is self-inflicted. i wish pregnant people would stop expecting everyone else to give in to them. it's like, you got yourself pregnant, you bear with it yourself (or take it out on the one who made you pregnant). serves you right! why should i give up my seat to you? -_-

i don't hate all pregnant people; just the ones that irritate me. a gracious society isn't just about educating people on giving up seats to people in need. the people in need should also be educated that others are not obliged to give up their seats, so quit expecting us to do so. and BE THANKFUL when someone does. zzZz.

lol i bet you guys are screaming "next time when you pregnant then you know!" at me, and i'll probably regret saying this (if i'm unlucky enough to get pregnant). but since now i'm not, here's one more argument - mankind is overpopulated. =D 

anyway, i digressed so much. just wanted to vent some of the leftover frustration (from class) but i guess it got out of hand. oops! the main point is, it's kinda disheartening to see ah gong's health deteriorating. my dad once told me stuff ah gong said about me. which touched me, because ah gong has so many grandchildren and i'm one of the most invisible ones and yet, he never made me feel left out. *wipes tear from eye*

dear ah gong, may you continue to live happily and healthily (don't deteriorate anymore) for many many more years!

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