Monday, February 23, 2015

River Safari......finally!

Warning! Picture-heavy post.

So we've been to the Zoo, Bird Park, Night Safari, Underwater World, and SEA Aquarium. To add on to the list, we're finally here at River Safari! I remember being pretty excited when it was being built. but we never got round to it until now. And since we didn't have special plans for V-Day, here we are! Spreading the love to the fishes. And other stuff. =X

Headed off to the Amazon River Quest boat ride first. Had to pay additional $5 each for this, which honestly, wasn't exactly worth it. Of the 10+ different species of animals there, we saw less than half of that. The ride was barely 10 minutes and under the scorching sun, not exactly fun.

The River Safari Cruise was up next. Also $5 each extra. Would recommend taking this first before the Amazon ride so you don't have to walk one big round again. (Hard to explain, but trust me.) I didn't want this initially but surprisingly it was more worth it.

Panda exhibit next! Came across the golden pheasant first. The one in front is male, the one at the back is female.

Next are the red pandas! My absolute favorite! They're like the cutest thing on earth, apart from Popo. Lol. Spammed the shutter button here. I wanna be the zookeeper! >.<

SSD's absolute favorite next. Kai Kai and Jia Jia! They were eating the first time we went, and sleeping the second. It's not hard to guess which is Kai Kai and Jia Jia, judging by the way they eat. Lol.

Couldn't resist getting this cute set of salt/pepper shakers for our new house next year! XD

Tried the 'famous' panda paos. Yellow eyes for chocolate, white eyes for red bean. The latter tastes nicer though.

Here are the 6 rivers. We went against the usual flow though. And we went through it twice. Lol. 

I can't remember which is which so I'll just post a random compilation. You figure out yourself okay?

We took flowers too! Actually just for practice purposes.

Then went for dinner at Ichiban.

And that sums up our V-Day. To be honest, River Safari was a little disappointing. We went for the sake of going and......I really wouldn't recommend you to go. =X

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