Friday, March 6, 2015

I'm KIM Korean BBQ

This month, we had my meat-eating session at I'm KIM Korean BBQ, at SOTA. SSD found this place and wanted to come last month already. It was apparently very popular. Quite fully booked but luckily we managed to squeeze in a 6.30pm slot. Given only 1.5 hours which was just nice for me. If you like to eat slowly you might want to book the later slots. There was still a queue when we left at 8pm.

We only took the beef ribeye, bacon, pork collar, pork belly, chicken bulgogi, prawns and hotdogs. Lol. They do have a few other marinates but we didn't try them. We didn't take any of the cooked foods as well. =X

Marinates were not too bad. I like the chicken bulgogi! And overdosed on bacon lol. The spicy ones are really spicy. Service was pretty good; they helped us change the tray and clear empty plates quite frequently. ^^

Actually I think we damn lugi eating korean bbq. Cos both of us don't really eat much. XD

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