Sunday, December 5, 2010

what's next?

have everyone been to the new shopping centre in serangoon already? labelled NEX, it's apparently the biggest mall in the north east that's even bigger than ang mo kio hub and junction 8 combined! out of curiosity, we visited it today. in an attempt to avoid the crowd, we met at 11am, only 30 mins after it opened, and there was already a substantial amount of shoppers. -_-'''

majority of the shops were disappointingly so-so and common; only a few caught my attention. like the disney store and the japanese food village. there's also quite a number of food outlets and choices available. shopping-wise, they have the usual cotton on, kiddy palace, courts, just to name a few. typical shopping mall shops. but undeniably, it's big and messy. lols.

soon the crowd starting forming and we decided to retreat. and since NEX is super near SSD's place, it was his turn to do the cooking today!

fried omelette. break eggs, add pepper and oyster sauce (?!), beat them, fry, and serve!!

mushroom/fishball soup. wash, slice, and dump everything into chicken stock. so easy~ =|

kailan in oyster sauce. cut, boil, and serve!

simple but nice. i enjoyed dinner. :)


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