Sunday, December 12, 2010

it has begun...

what i've dreaded a lot has finally begun. all the headaches, the backaches, the packing, the sweating, the shopping, the buying, the spending, the not being able to spend time with SSD...

guess what? I AM MOVING~!! and i thought it'd be kinda fun to document it part by part. lols. so here's the initial bare room:

more still to come! =)

... ...

had subway to lunch/tea today. been a long long time since i last had it. i love subway! rofl. the pickles and olives and lettuce and chillis and honey mustard and mayo...i've never been THIS happy eating bread. lol.

narnia today.

watched part 1 and 2 and this part 3 was just as nice! but too bad peter and susan wasn't in the show. apparently they were too old to enter narnia and soon lucy and edmund will be too. though i doubt that'll be the end of the narnia film series.

anyway, this installment brings lucy and edmund and their cousin into narnia again to help prince caspian defeat evil. there's the usual excitement and hilarious moments, especially when eustace turns into a dragon. overall, wonderful movie! (and prince caspian is still super hot!) :D

was already dark when we came out, and we took some time deciding where to have dinner.

and decided on coffee club. i took the herb crumbed fish fillet with hollandaise again. wasn't as nice as the first time i tried it. there wasn't enough hollandaise and the fish was a little too hard.

SSD tried the seafood ciopinno. i don't know about him, but i didn't quite like the sauce. and there was this huge soft shell crab on the top. eeks!

pretty christmas tree nearby:

was on our way back when we saw this cute chow chow!

shiok lah! got pram to sit and fan to cool it (even though it's freezing cold inside already). looks super cute and cuddly and fluffy and just like a soft hugable bear. awwww~

alrights now, off to sleep! =)


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