Monday, May 10, 2010

happy mothers' day

yet another horribly disappointing race at the spanish grand prix. hamilton started 3rd on the grid, moved up to 2nd after the first pit stops, and crashed out in the second last lap. his front wheel had burst or something. :( 2009 has obviously not been a good year for him and up till now, 2010 isn't either.

which is a pity, cos he's such a skillful driver and his overtaking attempts are always so exciting to watch. which reminds me, this whole race was utterly boring with minimal action and overtaking; i so nearly fell asleep. tsk.


... ...

morning's massage session got cancelled cos i was told it started at 1030am when in fact it should start at 10. if i continued, i would have wasted 30mins. sian.

since i was already out, i decided to get some flowers for mum.

(yes they're roses cos there were only roses there.)

sighh. was watching new moon this afternoon. all those wolves running around. and then i thought, 'hey munchkins looks like one too!' lols.

oh wells ignore me. premature monday blues.


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