Wednesday, August 29, 2012

goodbye august

it's 2 days to september and 3 months to the end of the year. and if things had gone well as planned, i would have resigned and be happily starting a new job next week. but they haven't. so i'm still stuck at this sucky poop house, not tendered yet, and still desperately looking for a better alternative. besides the lack of openings during this time of the year, my lack of experience and too-high expected pay has made the search even harder. i have never felt this low, desperate, demoralized, unmotivated, frustrated, angry, and whatnot ever in my 25 years of life. to the point i even felt suicidal. tsk.

but zhu to the rescue! lol. normally, my plans with people would be all talk and no action. but this girl! she kept reminding me about the riding lessons i said i would think about. so 500 bucks later, our lessons are now confirmed and i can't wait to begin next month! it may still be a long way to go towards a fulfilling life with no regrets, though at least, its a start. zhu please bug me more lol.

anyway, was on mc yesterday. real one this time. lol. i was down (and still is) with flu and cough. uber irritating, but i've switched to sleeping without aircon and i'm glad to save some electricity for this period of time. aaaannnndddd! i made a new banner during my free time. but SSD say the frame not nice, so i might be changing it anytime soon. i like the girl! ^^

dragon nest has also come up with a level 50 cap patch yesterday, so i'm gonna spend the next few weeks (hopefully) chionging to max level. =)

end of random updates. last but not least, here's a cuter version of the recently-popular gangnam style!

hello september. please be good to me.

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  1. Yup!!! the gal is nice... I will also support you de, my BB.. =)


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