Friday, November 29, 2013

Taiwan day 8 - Xin Bei Tou, Ningxia Night Market & Shilin Night Market

I kinda miss the breakfast by Aegean Sea. Not so much of the meat, more on the salad. So fresh and crunchy and yummy! T_T And on the second day, both SSD and MIL gave me their portions of salad. Bliss! Lol.

It was STILL raining when we were leaving, so the nice owner very kindly drove us to Ruifang Station. There we took the train back to Taipei Main Station again. I think we got the correct train this time, and it was free seating. So not that bad. =/

Continued upwards to Xin Bei Tou. It’s a hot spring area and so the cute displays at the station.

Our hotel for tonight – Chyuan Du Spring Resort (NT2800, SGD122). It’s actually barely 5mins away from the metro station, but hidden around a corner so it’s not that visible. Booked 2 rooms despite the price because it had a huge tub for the hot spring! Brought along my bath bombs (which were apparently useless) and soaking in it that night was shiok max. ^^

But first, we went out for lunch, which was right across the road. Sushi Express! Each plate is NT30 (SGD1.30), slightly cheaper than our SGD1.50. Although the food was almost the same. I lubs you SE! <3<3<3

Went back room to…nua, then headed out to Ningxia Night Market. It's actually just a narrow food street, but with quite a lot of food stalls! A few are repeated though.

Went through the street a couple of times and since there was nothing else to do, we headed to Shilin Night Market again! If you don’t know, it’s opposite Jiantan Station. We started from the shopping area this time. And you know those fruit stalls selling cut fruit? I really don’t recommend you buying. They count by weight, and poor me bought 2 jambus for NT230 (SGD10)! Heartpain die me.

Managed to shop more this time. And got a peanut ice cream to share. I think you're supposed to eat it at Jiufen since the one there apparantly tastes better. But this one ain't too bad. I like!

Then went back hotel to soak hot spring. =P

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