Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Celebrating dad's birthday + dinner with the girls

Last Thursday was my dad's birthday and we had dinner at Jack's Place (CWP)! It's probably the most common place in our family for birthdays, considering both my parents and my brother had celebrated their birthdays here before. I'm the lucky one because mine falls on the same day as my grandfather, so we always get to eat good food! Lol. 

The seafood salad was delivered wrongly and we thought it was part of the seafood basket. In the end we had to pay for it. Spoilmood! Also, the food standard has dropped quite considerably as compared to before. My grilled salmon was hard and overcooked and the cheesecake barely had any cheese in it. Definitely will try NOT to come back again. Lol.

Then on Friday, I met Zhu and Cher to pass them the Taiwan stuff. We headed to Robertson Quay for some ramen but unfortunately couldn't find any. After walking for almost an hour (I think), we settled for this yakitori (skewer) restaurant, Shunjuu. It was so crowded we had to be seated at the counter seats. I show you what we had first.

All these for $53. Although they tasted good, it came in such miserable portions. That salmon skewer is $7 alone, and I finished my cha soba in less than 10mins! Imagine if you came here in a big group and everyone has like, 3 or 4 sticks! And all they had to do was sprinkle some salt and grill! OMG maybe I should start a skewer shop too. -_-

Wandered around looking for a cafe or some sorts to continue talking, and we ended up at UE Shopping Mall's 7-11. So amazing that the 7-11 has a seating area. Reminds me of those in Taiwan. ^^

Sigh. Weekend has passed so fast. I kinda hate work. >.<

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