Friday, November 15, 2013

Taiwan day 3 - Feng Jia Night Market (Taichung)

Mei Jen House provides breakfast, so the next morning, we had ‘crispy’ toast and yummy porridge. ^^

Then it was moving time again! Took the 2-hour bus back to the HSR station and boarded another bus to Feng Jia University. If you have a HSR ticket from the same day, the bus ride is free. I can’t remember how much we paid though. Everything was a breeze with the 悠遊卡 (our EZLink card).

But from the Uni, our nightmare began. In short, we made our room booking with 逢甲宿館, but all along we thought it was 逢甲宿館. So we followed the latter’s directions. -_- In the end thankfully we managed to contact the person and he brought us to the correct one instead. 

May I present you – 逢甲夜宿館. It was our cheapest room this trip (NT1500, SGD65), a double-storey apartment at the top floor of a rather run-down building. For this price I can’t complain much can I? At least it was clean. And there was a huge sofa downstairs (which my MIL slept cos she don’t want to climb stairs), and a double and single bed upstairs. We had our own wifi here too. 

I had originally planned to visit Yi Zhong Jie (shopping area) first, but after the confusion earlier, we decided to just nua until dinner. XD The Feng Jia Night Market is supposedly one of the more popular night markets and it was just a 5-10min walk away, albeit having to cross a very busy road without any pedestrian crossing. The traffic in Taichung was bad. In fact, I never wanna go back to Taichung. Really. =X 

But the food was good. 

Why Singapore don't have all these? >.<

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  1. catching up on ur TW posts keke. can't imagine changing hotels so often! no wonder u're drained out!


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