Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas is important to me. As are all public holidays. Because, IT'S A PUBLIC HOLIDAY! Lol.

But it was a quiet affair this year. On the eve, we had a mini 'celebration' at the office. They ordered KFC and Canadian pizza. ALL MEAT FML. Then the gift 'lucky draw'. With a measly $10 budget, unlucky me picked a dumbass cup that's probably worth $2. Don't give me the 'it's the thought that counts' crap. =)

Best part of the celebration - half day! I was expecting to wait for SSD but turns out he had half day too! Unfortunately, we had booked the movie for 6.30pm. -_- 

Lunch was at Sushi Express. Satisfied craving for torched salmon belly. Definitely easier to get plates of them during lunch. Had 5-6 plates of sashimi too. They seem to be of a better quality than the buffet I had last Saturday. (We had buffet at Rendezvous Hotel to celebrate both my aunts' birthday. It was rather expensive, very few selections, majority meat dishes, and sashimi quality was bad bad bad. On par with Irodori.) 

Then slacked the afternoon away at Starbucks. Tried the white chocolate mocha and it was sweet like hell. Shall stick to my recent discovery, camomile tea instead. ^^

We watched Police Story 2013. I was mad sleepy and was expecting to struggle to stay awake. But it was surprisingly interesting to watch. I hated the ah tiong accents everywhere though. Oh ya, if you've read the storyline, don't be fooled by it. It looks complicated, but it's actually very simple and easy to follow. =)

Then went home to sleep. And slept the next day away too. So that sums up my Christmas this year. I'm hoping the countdown next week will be more interesting but knowing myself, I suppose we'll go for dinner and then slack at home. =X

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