Sunday, March 14, 2010

no more gel extensions!

headed down sweet summer to soak off my gel extensions which were becoming more and more unsightly cos my real nails were growing out. removing them was such a painful tiring process that i'm not gonna get them anymore! lol.

she first filed the nails thinner, before wrapping them individually with some weird remover. i did an express pedicure as well, so she went to work on my feet. besides painting my toenails, she also helped to file and shape them. i chose a glittery purple base and flowery nailart on the two big toenails.

cindy's nailart skills are damn good lor.

after which, they were left to dry while she started unwrapping my fingernails. after more filing and buffing (which made them very hot and uncomfortable), she gave me my 'hand spa' consisting of a special soak and massage. i chose royal purple for my fingernails. no nailart though.

the whole thing started at around 230pm, and by the time i walked out, it was plus minus 5pm. madness! but i feel so much more comfortable now with shorter nails. at least, i can type faster now. :P

then made my way down cathay with SSD for nihon mura. ginger ale is nicee! lol. ate too full, so we walked all the way to isetan to use up my vouchers. free earrings! ^_^

... ...

i missed the opening qualifiying race of this year's F1 season. sad. just checked the results. hamilton's gonna be starting on the second row in fourth place tomorrow. but he's got both ferrari cars in front of him. sian lor. i hope the new mclaren has enough power to give him the push he needs.



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