Tuesday, March 16, 2010

OT for a stupid reason

super not happy at being asked to stay back today. i wouldn't mind that much if it were for something important like tenders or stuff. but i was asked to stay back today to help the engineers move/swop their computers. just because they complained that they don't know how to do it and got some problem with the plugs.


they're just plain lazy lor. plug out from where, just plug back in lah! even i also know how to do. and they're supposed to be engineers leh. zzZz.

it didn't help that my back was already aching from hunching over the binding machine the whole morning binding the tenders. not only do we have to move our own computers when me and 媽 swopped places (they bloody hell saw but didn't even offer to help), i even have to stay back to carry their CPUs here and there, and also crawl under the table to untangle the wires. damn not fair lor!

RT's men - hopeless. -_-


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