Monday, November 17, 2014


I guess I'm growing complacent about being a pescetarian. OR, it could be too much K-drama growing on me. After saying I wouldn't be having Korean BBQ anymore, I had another craving last Friday. And we ended up at Daessiksin (大食神), Nex. Despite me trying to find one with more seafood. =X

No pictures cos I wasn't intending to blog it. 

We tried chicken bulgogi (spicy and non-spicy), bacon, pork neck slices, prawns, sotong, beef bulgogi, beef belly (I think), and mushrooms. I actually only enjoyed the chicken bulgogi, bacon and mushrooms. The pork neck slices were too tough and sotong rings were tasteless. Prawns were a hassle to peel. SSD liked the beef bulgogi, though I felt they had a weird taste to it. Beef belly slices were a little disappointing considering how I enjoyed them the first time.  Veggies were nice and fresh though lol.

I saw some cooked food as well but we didn't exactly try them. I only took some pancakes, which weren't nice at all. Wish I tried the soups though. Kimchi was very disappointing. So were the sauces. I think I didn't eat as much this time. And it was more expensive, at $24.90++ per pax. Don't think I'll be returning. I...might...go back to Korean BBQ World next time. LMAO!

Super looking forward to our staycation next week. I love breakfast buffets. ^^

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