Sunday, November 9, 2014


By far the cheem-est sci-fi movie I've ever watched. A whopping 2 hour 49 minute movie which left me bewildered and confused at the end of it. The time difference certainly didn't make sense at all. I guess people who like astronauts and spaceships would enjoy understand this better. And honestly speaking, I'd rather die than sit in a rocket and migrate to another planet. =)

We watched it at the newly-opened GV at Suntec City, which by the way, was disappointing after renovation. It was confusing, directions were unclear, and the navigational map was slow to respond. Majority of shops were changed and boring. My favorite place is probably the fountain of wealth, where the food area was. 

Lunch at Bibigo. Seen this several times and finally got the chance to try. All tasted nice! No prizes for guessing which is mine. But I want to visit Korea soooo much I don't even care if I have to eat meat everyday for all 3 meals.

Dinner at Sushi Express. Spammed so many plates of salmon sashimi. We had dinner at Buffettown last week, and the salmon sashimi there was horrible. Definitely not sashimi quality. So disappointing.

Back to work tomorrow. Cleared 4 days of leave last week. So not looking forward to going back. Hai.

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