Friday, November 30, 2012

breaking dawn part 2

i've been waiting so long for this!! a year to be exact. watched this last week with SSD and later again with zhu. can't get enough yet although the show was almost 2 hours lol!

while this is definitely my favorite installment of the twilight saga because it's so action-packed, i felt they should have followed the book more and focus on more important aspects. like how bella adjusts to her vampire life, seeing herself for the first time, learning to hunt, learning to manage her thirst etc. the beginning was so rushed! it's like, 10 minutes into the movie and bella meets her daughter liao. cut the sex scene by 2 minutes and you can include all the above in. =\

the final battle scene also gave me quite a shock because i was trying to figure out why on earth would the director change the storyline completely. i mean, how can jasper and carlisle die?! luckily it was just a vision. but it still took up quite a bit of time. there was a scene i was hoping to see - alec's mist creeping in and benjamin trying to blow it away. it would have been so cool if they filmed this.

oh wells. so the entire twilight series is over and done with. back to vampire diaries for my vampire fix. anybody can relate to this too? XD

looking forward to a normal, non-riding-or-exercising date with edward jacob zhu later. ^^

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