Wednesday, November 7, 2012

alerte à paris!

know what it means? no? neither do i. but it was the title of a film i watched last night.

it's on the ipad version of funshion; not sure if it's on the windows version. and the film is entirely in french, with chinese subtitles. i can't seem to find much info on it online so lemme share a little bit.

the storyline. the film is set in paris, where the sanitation workers go on strike and rubbish is piled up for days. the rat population keeps increasing and they have gotten so vicious that they have killed and eaten cats. soon, people starting getting sick/dying after being bitten and the main female lead Laurence (a doctor) realizes it's an infection from the rats and there is no cure. 

in the midst of trying to get the governor to issue an official epidemic notice, she finds out that these rats have bred from the two escaped rats which were genetically modified by another doctor in the hospital. Laurence and Alex (whose father is a rat-catcher) go on a quest to find the rat nest to eliminate the entire brood. in the end, the army decides to lure the rats to a swimming complex and bomb them to pieces.

there was a scene before where rats starting filling up the swimming pool while people were in it. well i seriously hope they didn't use a lot of real rats for that scene. i don't think rats can swim that well. -_- anyway, they did manage to find the cure (from Laurence's daughter's pet rat), and while it seemed that the city was peaceful again, the film ends with two of the rats and their babies. 

overall, this movie isn't exactly very thrilling or scary or fast-paced, but i liked it. it's definitely family-friendly cos the rats actually look cute to me. no bloodshot eyes or razor-sharp, blood-dripping teeth or whatsoever. it gets a little disgusting in vast numbers though. =|

what is the point of modifying the genes of another living thing? going against mother nature is not good. no good at all...

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