Thursday, November 1, 2012

woes of job-hunting

for the past month (or past several months), there has been only one thing on my mind, my job hunt. it's been especially miserable last month being stuck at home. i've been to many interviews; rejected some, and got rejected by some (no news means rejected right?). it's utterly disapponting and demoralizing. sometimes i get so stressed i'll curl up and cry at night. (embarrassing but yes i cry when i'm stressed.)

and i'll like to take this opportunity to brag how i completed my degree in just 8 months. *sarcasm* seriously do you really think i'll spend $18k on a degree for an industry where qualifications are not very important? no dumbass, i paid for the internship. so thank you MDIS, for graduating me without one.

this has been pissing me off for a very long time already. the modules i have taken are mostly useless beyond words (can't blame prospective employers for thinking that way cos i myself think so too) and without the internship (which i have fucking paid for), all that i'm left with is a useless piece of shit paper that won't get me anywhere. sigh. i don't regret quitting RT or taking time off to study, but i do really really regret wasting my time and money on MDIS/SCU. (only thing good is getting to know the gals.)

sigh. words can't express how desperate i am for good news. any type of good news. and yet there are inconsiderate people making insensitive remarks. like SSD. sheesh. luckily i have zhu and wan ting to encourage me back. argh.

anyway, if you really did read that chunk of rant up there, thank you. i feel slightly better now.

... ...

to make the hole in my pocket bigger, i decomm-ed my tank the other day and had it set up again last night. bought some new stuff, including a very expensive (and small) bottle of water stabilizer.

very dark and horrible instagram pic here. i still need to replace that light. sooooo, here's $60 gone without even a single fish or shrimp in the tank. p/s. bought too much taiwan moss; i now have 3/4 tub left. anyone wants them for free? =\

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