Thursday, November 22, 2012

pariss buffet & banquet restaurant

celebrated dad's birthday yesterday at pariss buffet (marina square). been many years since we last ate here since we heard that the food quality has decreased substantially. but we decided to give it a go again. 

was rather pleased initially as i could eat many of the appetizers and they were quite yummy. especially the smoked salmon and pasta. there were also interesting stuff like cheesy potato and cheese/tomato combination, which i liked and took several servings of. from the seafood section i only tried the purple scallop and boiled prawns, and both were yummy. oysters have to be ordered and only one per pax each time. kinda inconvenient but i suppose it is to ensure the freshness? amongst the other ordered foods, we tried the teppan salmon and codfish and they were quite deli too.

hmm let's see. salmon sashimi is nice and fresh, although they replenish such a small amount at a time (to ensure freshness i suppose). chilli and black pepper crabs almost always get wiped out as soon as they're replenished. for desserts, the lime icecream is good, and so is the choc lava cake. and that's pretty much about it. lol.

there were other foods that made us scrunch up our faces in horror. and the variety isn't impressive. but the quality of the oysters and salmon sashimi were not too bad so if you can stuff yourself silly with these, you can make your $47.80 (weekday dinner) worth it.

don't think i'll be returning soon. =\

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