Sunday, November 18, 2012

fruit tart shop / fruit paradise @ raffles city

(warning: expletives ahead.)

if you know me long enough, you should know that i'm very particular about the customer service standards and this shop pissed me off so much that they deserve an entire blogpost. yep. 

fruit tart shop / fruit paradise at raffles city (beside buffetown)

to cut the long story short, we were there yesterday afternoon having a hard time thinking of where to have lunch. i spied the omurice on display and asked if SSD wanted to eat there. he said okay. by the way, they have like 5-7 types of omurice and a similar amount of curry rice. the rest are fruit tarts and teas. 

the waitress took our orders with a black face. we had to ask for water, which was tap water (something i really hate). SSD's fork wasn't washed properly (see photo below). i decided to change my blueberry tart to the mango tart and the waitress' face was seriously damn fucking black. not sick or weak or going-to-faint, but black. like i killed her whole family and stole her boyfriend or something. for once, SSD appeared even more dulan than me (but actually i was freaking boiling inside already). 

look bitch(es), i don't care if you're in a bad mood or you have some personal problem or whatever shit. don't take it out on your customers. i don't always expect excellent service of course, but come on, basic courtesy you have or not?! i really hope the person-in-charge reads this and fires that bitch and she can go back to wherever she come from and black face all she want. foreign talent my ass. this kind of people should not be allowed to serve!!

BUT BUT BUT! i must say she was rather chirpy and politely thanked us while we were leaving. if you're that happy for customers to leave, why not put a sign in front that says "IN A BAD MOOD. DO NOT ENTER!" then you don't need to serve liao lor!

honestly, if you had chosen to be in the service line, it is UNDERSTOOD that basic courtesy is expected isn't it? who cares whether your boyfriend break up with you or whatever shit you go through, you have no right to take it out on your customers. it's not like we were being unreasonable. ask for water wrong meh? cannot change my order meh? your fork never clean properly i also never make noise. nb.

sian. actually i okay already but typing all that out make me dulan again. lol. let's talk about the food then. i had prawn omurice (YES AGAIN!!) while SSD had chicken. the rice itself pretty much sucked but the egg on top was nice. they also had salad and the mashed egg which i super liked! mango tart was yummy, albeit a little too much cream. but the mangoes weren't sour and the crust was so nice! (the plate was dirty but i diam diam lor. this shop has hygiene issues. tsk.)

31 bucks and i could have had a happier and cheaper lunch at SE. =( i suppose i might visit other branches for their tart, but no more raffles city branch. I WILL NEVER EVER EVER VISIT THIS RAFFLES CITY BRANCH AGAIN! (no wonder they have so little customers on a weekend afternoon.)

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