Tuesday, January 1, 2013

my horrible new year eve

i spent new year eve with a few friends. they usually visit me one at a time, but they decided to come together yesterday. they're called fever, headache, stomachache and backache. yep, i was sick. -_- can you believe i spent these two days sleeping at home? i didn't even watch the countdown on tv cos i ko-ed by 11pm. sheesh. 

anyway, happy new year! 2012 is over and done with. looking back, i can't really decide if it's been good or bad:

♥ graduated from mdis with a useless degree
♥ got a secretarial job which i absolutely hated, and tendered after 8 months
♥ went jobless for almost 2.5 months
♥ got an executive job which was unexpectedly political
♥ took up horse-riding and muay thai
♥ got engaged
♥ got our bto in punggol
♥ went on 3 overseas trips
♥ received a zoom lens for wall-e
SURVIVED DOOMSDAY hahahahahahahaha XD

well, i guess the good ones are more than the bad ones then. now for resolutions! i sure hope 2013 turns out far better than last year. *cross fingers*

♥ try to tong in this company for at least this year
♥ continue muay thai lessons and slim down / tone up in time
♥ plan for taiwan mini-moon and ROM in october

that's all! not very 過分 right?! so, to everyone who's nice to me, gambade and wish you all happy 2013! (those not nice to me can go eat poop LOL!)

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