Sunday, December 23, 2012

merry christmas in advance!

not that i celebrate it, though who would say no to a public holiday. hehe. AND PRESENTS! we're actually past the stage of giving each other presents on every occasion, but this year for christmas, SSD got me something! something which i've been complaining for more than a year about. =X

zoom lens for wall-e! honestly speaking, i have already gotten used to zoom-less photography, but the new addition is certainly useful for special outings, like the zoo (which we're going again soon) and travelling. though it needs abit getting used to. test shots!

side note: i love feeding times where the sakura shrimps will crowd around the algae wafer. so cute! and no casualties so far! i hope they start breeding soon. also set up another 1ft tank for my baby mollies and mum's guppies. so much fun! =P

and then we had buffet dinner at concorde hotel last night. majority of the shots were blur; guess i need more practice in holding my hands still lol.

thumbs up for the cheese half-lobster (one-time) and crabs (comes in 5 flavours and is free-flow), and the sashimi and oysters. the rest were pretty normal stuff i must say, and variety isn't impressive. i'd actually rather much go back to buffettown or riverview.

looking forward to a half-day tomorrow. please let me clear my stuff in peace. =)

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