Sunday, December 2, 2012

happy 3rd year anniversary!

yesterday was our 3rd year anniversary and we spent it at sentosa! got this package from deals which was kinda disappointing because i thought it had included the desperados 3D shooting game. was so looking forward! in the end it was changed to extreme log instead.

underwater world

for some reason a lot of my photos turned out quite blur, so i'm just gonna share some that aren't. it's been so long since i was here, and honestly, i didn't remember it to be so boring. lols. and we took the travelator 3 rounds! maybe, just maybe. i've been to hongkong's ocean park, which was in a way bigger and better. =\

a: i just watched an awesome movie!
b: what is it about?
a: the wife's brutally killed by a cold-blooded killer and the son gets really hurt. then there's a twist and the son is kidnapped. the father then begins a quest to find and save his son, with the help of a mentally ill female.
b: wow i wanna watch that. what is the movie called?
a: finding nemo :)

dolphin lagoon

i always get mixed feelings when watching animal shows. on one hand i like gushing over how cute and smart they are while performing. on the other hand, it doesn't seem right subjecting them to training for our entertainment purposes. sigh. photos taken by SSD anyway. wall-e has no zoom. =(

cineblast: extreme log ride

i kinda feel this was a rip-off because the 5-10 minutes of simulation ride doesn't really justify the $18 entrance fee. anyway, we were brought on a virtual tour to the himalamazon, supposedly on a log. it's almost like a rollercoaster ride because we were seated in rafts which shook and turned as we climbed up mountains, get tossed in rapids, and fall from great heights. it was exciting at first, but soon became predictable, especially since there was no 'heart-dropping' feel even though on the screen we're practically free-falling down a mountain. i think we would have enjoyed desperados more. boo.

4D magix: pirates

this is similar to the shrek 4D at USS. the story is about a young pirate setting traps on an island to get back at captain lucky, who soon arrives to locate his treasure. i got a lot more shocks as some of the effects were unpredictable. especially the gusts of air blowing from behind! the story was also longer and more exciting. although $18 is still a little too expensive imho.

maritime experiential museum

easily the most boring part of the day. lol. the museum is apparently about the chinese pirate cai qian and his pillaging voyage around the world. and also how zheng he brought them to justice. the artifacts on display didn't really interest me, although there were interactive points, like where we made our own chinese junk (which now sits on top of my betta tank), and our virtual vase. mine 'sold' for a pathetic $17 while others went up to $150+. lol fail!

there were some more artifacts on display on the lower level, but were housed in such dim areas that i didn't even bother shooting. i think people interested in zheng he would be excited. unfortunately i wasn't. =\

s.e.a. aquarium

no we didn't visit it. not yet at least. but there was a section open to 'public'. one was the shipwreck and the other the shark exhibit. i especially liked the former. water is kinda cloudy; not sure if it's meant to be like that. i think it's not completed yet (some fish still in transit?), so we'll probably drop by again when it's done.

and the end! i was beat! old liao cannot take it hahahaha. then we went back vivocity for dinner! settled on soup restaurant. i like the fish and beansprouts! veggies and tofu was normal though. and i thought the rice would be the hainanese chicken rice type but it wasn't. but SSD said to add the ginger and it was so yummy!

and that concludes our long and tiring 3rd year anniversary 'celebration'. =)

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