Monday, January 28, 2013

[sponsored review] bio-essence miracle bio water

if you've been watching the local television recently, you must have seen linda chung saying "你說神奇嗎?" lol. that phrase was stuck in my head for so long.

anyway, she was advertising for this new product from bio essence (one of my favorite brands) - the miracle-bio water. it's a spray that apparently has up to 20 benefits! i was pretty interested in it actually, and then they decided to sponsor me some!

as you can see, they gave me one 100ml bottle ($12.90) and 3 travel bottles ($5.90). i'm supposed to have a giveaway for the travel sprays but obviously i don't have readers for that, so i brought one to office and have 2 left. if anyone wants to try one, please let me know!! =)

sooooooo, here are the 20 benefits!
  1. controls oil 
  2. refines pores
  3. whitens and brightens skin
  4. firms skin
  5. lifts skin
  6. reduce dark circles
  7. reduce eye bags
  8. relieves sensitive skin
  9. relieves pimples and redness
  10. use after makeup for longer lasting and natural look
  11. moisturize and nourish skin
  12. sooths skin after treatment
  13. relieve tiredness, energizing
  14. moisturize for lustrous hair
  15. relieve dryness and split ends
  16. refreshes and soothes skin after exercise
  17. sooth and calm damaged skin
  18. under hot sun to moisturize and refresh skin
  19. ideal for babies
  20. sooth diaper rash
its 20 benefits is a little misleading actually. and so far it only does no.13 for me, especially in the office. it guarantees instant results after initial use, though i didn't exactly notice any. but i will continue using it because it is indeed, very refreshing. =)

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