Wednesday, June 2, 2010

half year of bliss

happy 6th, yesterday! :P

received a dozen red roses from SSD this morning, sent to my office again. super surprised cos i totally wasn't expecting flowers so soon.

this time, EVERYONE knew about it because, firstly we were having a discussion when it delivered, so can't quietly hide it. and secondly, no space to hide it under the table, and had to put it on top. all 3 directors were in. super paiseh. but it also gave me an excellent excuse to leave on time and escape the meeting. lols.

he then led me to this jap restaurant at funan.*suddenly feels spoiled*

i like the nice and warm ambience, but i feel that the stuff is seriously overpriced. furthermore, SSD works so hard, where bear to spend like that? lols. the food was surprisingly good though.

salmon sashimi. thick, fresh, and oh-so-lovely.

seared fish in sesame sauce. absolutely yummy! especially the sauce.

SSD's seafood fried rice.

my cha soba. was craving for it!

it came with a raw quail egg which suaku me didn't know what to do with. SSD convinced me to mix it into the sauce. but just to play safe, i ate half the noodles before doing so. it didn't taste any different, perhaps just a bit slimy. lol. overall, very nice. :D

then esplanade and home sweet home after that. meeshell is a happy girl. /muacks.


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