Sunday, June 20, 2010

i love it when a plan comes together

am not normally drawn to these kind of movies, but PL kinda convinced me to watch it. i'm glad i did. it was a nice mixture of action and comedy. not to mention liam neeson ("hannibal") and bradley cooper ("face") are hot! lols. plot was interesting too!

we were at PS before the movie to attempt getting a present for fathers' day. looney tunes roadshow!! i can't make up my mind tweety or sylvester. both are so cute!

and no, i didn't manage to get anything. lols.

after the movie, we tried 家香麵 at MS. it was more or less almost empty everytime we passed by, and i always wondered why. i think i know now. despite the fact that the food was affordable and very nice, they only had like, 10 food items on the menu? tsk tsk.

SSD's 家香麵.

prawn & fish slice soup to share. nicee.

my fish fillet noodle. i tried to ask for an extra bowl of curry sauce and was surprised they obliged.

noodles were pretty normal and fish fillet was a little over-fried and hard. curry was kinda spicy, but very yummy! quite worth it i guess. :)

then headed off to the flyer to slack. there's this covered stage thingy that we settled for. quite a nice place i feel - low lights, less crowded, clean seats, a little wind every now and then...

lights from MBS (marina bay sands) skypark, shooting way up into the sky.


originally wanted to game tonight. but since it's already 130am and i have to get up early, i guess i should be heading to mask and bed soon. tata!


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  1. I didn't realise they were showing the A Team Bradley Cooper..esp in the Hangover.


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