Saturday, June 26, 2010

tolerance is the greatest gift of the mind

it's been a horrible week.

every single day, i get so angry with a certain someone at work that i can't help but bang stuff here and there to vent. i don't usually show my dislike for people so obviously, but she's super 'tok-gong' to make me hate her to the extent that i don't really care what she or everyone else thinks. (i like to harp on the 1.5 days off she's supposed to give us but geh-siao don't want to give.) tsk.

either i quit when i really can't tolerate her lack-of-intelligence, or she sacks me when she can't stand my black face. whichever comes first. and i don't really care. >:|

... ...

so. dinner at central! extra lots of people at riverbank, which we found out why later.

salmon sashimi! (loving satio baby more and more.)

cold soba with fried prawn & veggies. i like this! although it would have been easier to eat if the veggies weren't fried in one big lump. the portion size was kinda big too. XD

SSD's miso ramen. soup was nice on first try, but subsequently turned salty. or so he says.

my SSD! *muacks* :D

ahem. turned out it was singapore river festival this weekend, so there were performances across the river. mainly acrobatics and stuff, i think. procrastinated for awhile and therefore only managed to snap this when it was finishing.

there were 'fireworks' (looked abit different from normal fireworks but sounded and smelt like them) too. and since we conveniently stood under a tree, we saw more tree branches instead. -_-'''

... ...

just to share the poker card chocolates that my ah ma got from RWS shareholder meeting. apparently you just have to buy some of their shares to become their 'shareholder'. white chocolate on top and dark below. yummy~

sighhh. toy story in the afternoon. yay!



  1. Vent as much as you want...that's what blog and blog readers are for....I guess most of us are going through or have experienced similar things and can relate :)

  2. I just don't understand why there must be mean people at work...i suffered from them too. Some people just don't have any compassion. I feel sorry for you. Am glad you had a nice dinner out :)

  3. and you know the best part? she KNOWS that she's pissing everyone off but SHE DOESN'T CARE!! >_<

    nice dinners cheer me up. :D


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