Saturday, June 5, 2010

is there anything easier done than said?

seriously, i'm hating meetings more and more, cos they take up so much of my time listening to the directors talk rubbish. and when i can't finish my work, i have to stay back. grrrr~!!

but luckily i managed to escape today! :D met SSD at town for dinner. poor thing looked so tired. boo.

satisfied sudden craving for 蝦麵, this time with a herbal twist. i think sellers selling anything with prawn in it should de-shell them first. it makes it so much easier for me us to eat. the convenience will probably attract more people (usually, if i don't have a craving, i'll turn away if i see i have to peel the prawns myself). hmmm. lazy people is like that one. lols.

came across doraemon roadshow!

SSD's favorite. i should have made him dance along with doraemon. =|

then went to helix and sat under the bridge. super shiok since not much people around and it was nice and windy. a great alternative to the always-full esplanade. lol.

totally random post.


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