Sunday, September 18, 2011

my pet 小強

i should be studying, but...i played with wall-e again! lols. though i've run out of stuff to practise with in my room. here's my first attempt at multiple exposure! poor wall-e look so 可憐. :D

long nails + 美腿. whahaha 不要臉~ :P

i'm starting to like this effect...

then met SSD for dinner and he brought my wall-e's pet 小強 out!

his guilty weird expression when trying to 偷拍. tsk!

we always end up near the esplanade. so we always shoot MBS...

...and the CBD. how boring!

actually, i think sotongball could possibly have achieved these photos too.

yes yes, not very professional. night scenes hard leh! lols. you know, i was playing with 小強 and wondering why the photos turn out so clear as opposed to wall-e. only when i downloaded the shots did i realize why. :?

i need to change my freaking screen protector. -_-"'

anyway, SSD's tempting me by buying a nikon DSLR! the evil copycat! but thankfully i'm still pretty put off by it's weight and size and how everyone's carrying one. i think i saw nearly 20 canon/nikon DSLRs just now! so not original can?! rofl.



  1. ur wall-e is pretty good camera.. So far I see all your photos look pretty good quality and skillful. :)
    Anyway, you may like DSLR, as it give you more stuff. But, you will never feel enough, just try to think what you want... ^_^

  2. One more thing... the macro effect on apartment is good!

  3. Thanks for the compliment and advice. I know DSLR is better but because of its weight and size, I know if I get one, I will not bring it out as often anymore. Then it defeats the purpose. Guess I just have to practise more with wall-e. =)

  4. Honestly, I did lazy to bring the DSLR go out too.
    So, I only bring dlsr out, when I really go out for "photography"... normal day just not my day for taking photos. :P

  5. Haha! Because I enjoy blogging as much as photography, I'd want to bring it around and snap lots of random pictures for my blog. That's why I need something smaller and lighter. ^^


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