Friday, September 16, 2011

avalon japanese fish collagen

ladies, read this:

if you didn't know, i've been taking meiji's amino collagen for about 5 months now and getting my next 6 months supply soon. while i still get breakouts and not really noticing any difference in my skin, i do notice my nails don't chip/break as easily as before. that's certainly a sign that they're getting stronger isn't it? even though typing is getting annoying nowadays. :|

the problem with meiji's fish collagen is that they smell and taste super disgusting on their own. lols. therefore i mix it in my drink before i go to sleep. which is not the best idea cos drinking water before sleeping results in a puffy face in the morning, right?

so i was pretty excited to receive 3 sachets of avalon's collagen, in blueberry, lemon, and mango flavors!

and apparently...

you can just dump it in your mouth! without mixing it with water! how cool is that? :P

i tried the blueberry one first, since it had the most positive reviews. first, must open sachet. lol.

i wanted to taste the difference between eating it directly and mixing it in water. so i poured a little out.

i like it! tastes something like those fizzy popping powder that you can dip lollipops in. (quite popular when i was little, so if you don't know what it is, either you're too young, too old, or got no 童年. lol.) it melted pretty easily too. then i mixed the rest with cold water.

probably added too much water, cos it was bland. and when you mix it with water, the fishy smell is stronger. :?

tried the lemon and then the mango one next.

both tasted bland, even when i ate them directly. so overall verdict, the blueberry flavor's the yummiest!

but sadly, i'll probably stick to meiji even though they cost about the same for a month's supply. that's because meiji's come in a tin and i only take half a scoop everyday (i've read that overdose on collagen can result in a bloated face so i'm just gonna half my intake). which means a tin can last me 2 months instead! *sad face*

p/s. kinda regret doing this cos i should have kept these convenient sachets for my taiwan trip. =\


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