Friday, September 23, 2011

i hate patrick. no, not the starfish.

random fact #1 - why is it that i toss and turn a couple of hours every night trying to find the most comfortable position, when in the morning afternoon, every awkward position imaginable feels so comfortable that i don't wanna get up? :|

... ...

random fact #2 - don't know since when, my perlini silver bracelet turned black and ugly and since i could only get the cleaning done at the store next week or so, i decided to try out this home remedy. if you already know it, good for you. if you don't, do try it. it really works! here's what i did:

step 1: fill soup bowl with hot water.
step 2: dissolve 2 teaspoons of baking soda in it.
step 3: place a sheet of aluminium foil inside.
step 4: put the bracelet on the foil.

and voila~! watch the dirt/grime/whatever start to disappear! give it a little nudge now and then to make sure every dirty part of the bracelet is touching the foil. within 10 seconds, my bracelet is nice and shiny again. :D i think it only works with 925 silver though.

... ...

how much information can you squeeze into a piece of a4 paper? all 10 chapters. :?

ultimate test of miniature handwriting! lmao at my mini diagram!

this is so unfair because my sales paper is an open book exam and since i (and majority of us) don't have the book, i have resigned to using the cheatsheet. which is obviously allowed since they allowed the entire textbook to be brought in already. but i still very 不爽 cos the lecturer (a.k.a patrick) didn't mention that the textbook was needed and only last minute he said it's an open book exam.


ok i recently found out kino is selling the book at $188! sighx. and so i am super demoralized. can only aim for a pass. *sad face* and guess what? my events lecturer sent me an email the other night.

(click to enlarge)

8O i seriously hope that he's just trying to scare me into pushing them by saying my grades are affected. why on earth should i be penalized when other people forget to submit assignments? FYI peer review is an individual assignment.

okay, perhaps i should have made the effort to remind them to submit. but would you remind someone who informed you about the deadline in the first place?

tell me, how am i supposed to feel? *face palm*

... ...

alrights. here's somemore random, useless stuff! gonna share what dramas i've watched! lol.

1. 潛行狙擊 (lives of omission)

surprisingly, it doesn't have a happy ending - jodie died and laughing was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing michael. (assuming you have watched, or started to watch, and know who they are.)

2. 醉後決定愛上你 (love you)

similar to FTLY, it's about two people getting together after getting drunk, people around trying to stop them blah blah blah. it was interesting at first, but then it got so draggy that i kept fast-forwarding.

3. 陽光天使 (sunny girl)

another draggy, fast-forward series. slightly more interesting than 醉後決定愛上你 due to its rather 'new' storyline. main attraction would probably be 吳尊. but his acting sucks. lol.

4. 惡魔在身邊 (devil beside you)

re-watched this (fast-forwarding through boring scenes) cos i like 楊丞琳. and how tough bad guys turn soft and sweet in front of their girl. and 賀軍翔 is super 帥 here! rofl.

the next series i'm gonna watch after my exams...

lols. battle starts tomorrow! gambatte!!


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