Friday, December 18, 2009


vict: i need scaffold leh.
me: when you need?
vict: friday.
me: tomorrow is friday.
vict: *stares*
me: so you need tomorrow?
vict: ya friday.
me: ... ...

glad that i finally managed to find it, at the very last minute. lols. i'm so gonna dislike tomorrow, even though it's tgif and i'm meeting the gals. >.<

... ...

i actually wanted to blog about human euthanasia: for or against? but having woke up at 530am, i am so totally sehhhed and can't think properly now. so yep, shall leave it till i remember. which i probably won't.

... ...

can't recall when was the last time i ate bentos.

lalala. totally random. hahs.



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