Monday, December 21, 2009

mee had fun today.

quite fun luh. but would probably have been better if someone wasn't sick. =\

popped down suntec in the afternoon for SSD to do his xmas shopping. (he got lost cos his GPS wasn't working properly. lol.) i did some shopping of my own too. for the gals and for myself.

so cute right?!

there was this asiasoft event at suntec, and i spotted maple's orange mush! cute lor! tried to take photo but the gal took it away. sadded.

then went carrefour to buy food and headed for marina barrage. the GPS *ahem* still wasn't working too well, so we went around in circles before finally reaching.

was pretty anticipating as i've heard alot about it but haven't been there before. lots of people flying kites (got batman one!), wind was nice, view wasn't too bad. was enjoying until it started raining, like, 10 minutes later? -_-

so we went downstairs where we were sheltered and the view still wasn't too bad. and ate sushi. lols.

hmmm. why did it have to rain? =( don't like to see a rudolf SSD. even though it's nearing xmas. tsk. reached home. and had an impulse to wrap presents. lol. guess which one is yours?

looking for this song. can anyone send me? =x

rudolf probably fell asleep. lols.



  1. [...] went marina barrage again today, equipped with lots of sushi for lunch/dinner. the first time we went, it had rained. this time, it was so so so hot instead. the wind didn’t exactly pick [...]


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