Friday, December 4, 2009

let it snow

ooh my blog is snowing! hahas.

meeshell is happy. cos SSD came to pick me up from work. =\ just to clarify, i'm happy not because SSD drove. i'm happy cos i never expected him to come. lol.

and it's all thanks to the silly last minute project cum brainstorming meeting Hel called for. felt so guilty cos i think it's kinda my fault. i guess if i knew how to handle this myanmar project better, everyone wouldn't have to stay back.

but i find it kinda stupid lor. if you send someone over to oversee the project, obviously you have to trust him, to a certain extent. how can you doubt him totally and expect me to check on him? he's there, the project's there, and i'm here. -_-

oh wells.

and after the 2-hour meeting, i was actually debating whether to follow HL to get sushi or to just go back and cook maggi, since SSD went home already. so yeah, kinda surprised. lols.

p/s. SSD = sot sot de. :D



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