Wednesday, December 2, 2009

meeshell is happy.

yay!!! :D (ooooo i'm loving satio baby.)

i'm into the 5th song as i type this, and super enjoying! the songs are a little sad and melodramatic i find, and mark just makes it so much more soulful with his voice. omg i can fall over and over and over in love with them man! lols.

i so totally agree when they say this is probably their best album to date. songs like where we are, what about now, how to break a heart, love is my witness....basically every single song in there, can take your breathe away. so very f awesome.

i'm practically hyperventilating! =\ i wish i didn't have to work tomorrow so i can listen to them another 10 times. lol.

only bad point? TOO LITTLE SONGS!! we need more of westlife. hehx.

... ...

so......thanks for the gift. :) and uhm...我豁出去了。死就死吧!=X


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