Thursday, December 3, 2009


i was just reading zhu's 'love letter' that came with the super-belated-but-used-to-it birthday present. so so touched! i could kiss that gal lor!! here's to a very happy birthday, stay cute and....adorable, and may our friendship last a whole lot more 10 years. muacks~!!


rushed down great world for twilight marathon! lucky the cab uncle sped all the way there, or else i'll never reach in time. collected our popcorn and drinks and headed in. zhu managed to book the middle row or i surely wouldn't be able to survive those 5 hours.

having watched twilight for god knows how many times, i so nearly dozed off during the first couple of hours. lol. but new moon is nice! well, apart from fact that there's a LOT of buff and half-naked guys in there... =\

anyway, cg effect for the wolves' transformation is nice. especially for jake. mid-air transformation is cool. hahas.

and speaking of jake, i'm gonna switch from team edward to team jacob, even though bella's choice is edward. i think edward is the kind of boyfriend you'll bring out to show off cos he's rich, handsome and drives a car. but in the end, i think jacob is the kind i'll settle down for, cos he feels to be more dependable.

team jacob ftw!


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