Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i so need to rant.

SSD says i should 發洩, so here i am, 發洩-ing.

1. if my budgeting report is gonna be the same as the accounts' GL report, what's the point of me doing it? is costing even in my job scope?

2. they keep saying i have the authority to question even my manager's decision. but are they gonna back me up if anything happens? i don't think so.

3. there's a limit to how much i'm willing to sacrifice for RT. flirting and acting cute to suppliers i can accept. showing more skin when they visit i still can accept. but lunch/dinner is out. and then she'll prolly ask us to sleep with suppliers so we can have dirt cheap prices. i don't care if she wants to be some freaking mamasan. i don't.

4. the same old thing. don't like last minute instructions. zzZz.

5. company trip is still not confirmed yet. so 不甘願, then don't suggest in the first place.

... ...

and so, i went for retail therapy (thanks 媽), buying sushi and random makeup items, and made myself 70 bucks poorer. this is so unhealthy. :(

can't wait for friday to see the gals again. can't wait for xmas party. can't wait to escape to genting.


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