Saturday, February 11, 2012

nothing but food

my working life is pathetic. only got food posts. LOL.

070212 - tuesday

met SSD at CWP again because i seemed to have this idea that it was nice and new and interesting with many restaurants after their renovation. now i think otherwise. =\

most of the restaurants had queues outside during dinnertime, so we settled for this, which was half-full. we both had spaghetti - me crab fat and him seafood. i think both tasted the same, just that mine was only prawns (plus lots of oil) and his had prawns and sotong. serving was quite big, but i'd rather have pastamania. ~.~

080212 - wednesday

wanted to go home early to work on my last school assignment - an online test (where a problem occurred the previous week and i literally had to beg my unit accessor to reopen it for me). so i asked my mum to pick me up instead of meeting SSD for dinner. she came, and we went to IMM for dinner + shopping. so i ended up reaching home later than if i had met SSD. -_-

BUT! we had ala carte buffet at hoshi. lols. my third time there i think. it's $33.80++ for weekday dinners. not cheap and the variety of food wasn't exactly a lot. but the quality was not too bad. you may want to make sure you order dishes like cha soba (we both had 2 servings each), salmon sashimi (thick and fresh), teriyaki salmon, and ebi tempura (prawns were big and fresh).


090212 - thursday

satisfied our sushi craving at sushi express again. lucky cos majority of our 12 plates were the grilled salmon belly sushi that we both like. ^^ SE, please open one along woodlands-sembawang-yishun. i don't mind patronizing you several times a week. lol.

... ...

night safari post up next! don't expect nice photos cos i didn't bring wall-e out. =\

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