Tuesday, May 1, 2012

genting trip: day 1, 2 & 3

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... ...

i'm back from genting! brought wall-e along this time, so i have chio-er photos. and we headed down to the strawberry farm too! well, apart from these, we spent majority of our time sleeping in the room. LOL.

day 1

apparently they have this new check-in system where we managed to get our room before 10am. slept all the way and woke up for lunch. (had breakfast in the first world casino and the prawn noodle was YUCKY! just saying.) i was craving for fries, and thus, my second meal in genting was macs. something we learnt from this trip - their coke is refillable. just bring your cup back to the counter. =D
then shopped around, and SSD got his berms and glasses, i got my hairband, and we both got roll-on perfume oils. for rm6 each only! shopped around somemore, then met up with family for dinner at new orleans. had their fish and chips again. boring first day~

cup noodles (which sucked), chestnuts, and chips for supper! 

day 2

rise and shine! pretty clouds. nice weather for visiting farms. ^^
breakfast at this new nonya cafe. honestly, i was kinda pissed that the nasi lemak portion was super small. like, a few mouths only those kind. cos i love nasi lemak. >_< but the chee cheong fun was nice! so is the teh tarik. porridge so-so nia. pricing was average. still, it's better than having another starbucks occupying the space. =P
in the cable car on the way down to the strawberry farm. separate post on that here.
came back up the same way after that. there was a huge crowd of people queuing for the cable car. if ever you're stuck in the same situation as we were, note that there's an express lane for silver worldcard members! probably cut 100 people doing that. XD

lunch at the herbal restaurant near the cable car station. must must try their mushroom bak kut teh. super delish! they also have the vinegar trotters but it was a little too bland for my liking. pricing is pretty reasonable compared to the other restaurants. definitely will drop by again! (ps. why does SSD look so happy peeling my 茶葉蛋 for me? O_o)
i kinda forgot what we did after that. i think we went back up to the room to sleep? lols. anyway, we had buffet dinner at coffee terrace and stuffed myself silly with salmon sashimi, salad, and a whole lot of good food. was pretty satisfied. ^^ 

oh and i saw a bag just before dinner which i 一見鍾情-ed. but it was selling for rm69.90, a bit too expensive for me. so i keep telling myself it was too small and the quality isn't very good. the next day just before check-out, the rest kinda convinced me that i should get it, so we rushed all the way back. and you know what?! we paid rm49 for it only! *happy*

day 3

guess what we had for breakfast?! cheezels! lols. and the strawberries we picked from the day before. fresh and yums! 

then had 好味 for lunch. only the curry noodles is nice imho. oh well. freemealsobobian. =\
and then it's home sweet home.
this is by far my most fruitful trip ever, because of the strawberry farm. after this i don't see any more reason to come back, except probably for the cool weather, and how my skin feels better there. and...a horse-riding trip in future maybe?

alrights. majority of my photos are taken at the strawberry farm. gonna start on that post soon, so check back k?! =D


  1. Great spread of food and the scenery looks so mesmerising.

  2. Ya, agree but the weather is not as cold as before. Its only 20 degress.

  3. Is mac in genting cheaper than Singapore?

    1. i don't think so. they have the additional 6% tax thingy.

    2. For the Fillet O Fish meal, If I nvr remember wrongly is RM13.55 + 6% Tax.


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