Sunday, May 13, 2012

happy mothers' day!

it's today but we had an early celebration yesterday. dropped by SSD's place in the morning afternoon, and then to my grandma's place for dinner. bought a bouquet of carnations for mum and a stalk for my grandma as well!
SSD got me one too! roses, not carnations. -_- he say he seldom see roses in this color. (it's actually lilac, not pink.)
and since i had wall-e with me, food pics!! love ah gong's mei cai. aunt also came back with yummy horlicks ice cream cake. hate the cream though.
... ...

had our monthly buffet dinner at amara hotel's element restaurant. totally not worth it!! i could probably count the number of dishes off my fingers and toes. only stuff that were okay were the salmon sashimi, smoked salmon, scallops, and lobster? but unless you're gonna eat $39++ worth of sashimi, i'd definitely not recommend this place.
 ... ...

just for SSD. ^^V

... ...

i guess this doesn't concern me, but it's seriously sad to read about the latest driving accident at bugis. i shan't bother masking my dislike for these PRC and i could care less if the PRC died. BUT WTF YOU DRAG PEOPLE DOWN WITH YOU!! the poor taxi driver was just trying to make a living and the tourist passenger was just innocently sitting in the cab and along comes a irresponsible f**ker who ruins their lives. 要死, 死遠一點. 不要害人害己.

the taxi driver is now brain-dead and i cannot imagine how upset and angry and hopeless his family must be feeling now. surely much more than the f**ker's 'distraught mother'. even if all the victims claim enough compensation to make them bankrupt, how to compensate life?


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