Sunday, May 27, 2012

MIB + sushi date with SSD

can't remember when was the last time we went out on a date. so we dressed up! likey my new dress, although it makes me look fat and weird. lols. lesson learnt - always always try your clothes before you buy them. =X
caught men in black 3, one of the rare times we actually watch a movie soon after it's released. so excited! although it's on impulse actually, cos i watched MIB 1 last week and it grew on me. no regrets though!

will smith is so funny!! =D his partner (both of them) though, were pretty expressionless. not sure if they were meant to be like that.

anyway, let's see...boris the animal's hand was pretty disgusting, the rocket part was exciting, the last part was touching, and i wonder how lewis hamilton is gonna react to nicole's ewww kiss in the beginning. lols. oh, and there's no more scenes after the credits. we stayed to watch. =P

i wish time travel was real though. then i could go back and redo stuff i had always regretted (not) doing. like...not studying harder, not enjoying myself more, and most importantly, stop taking on jobs which i know i won't enjoy. LOL. monday blues already~

dinner at nihon mura! everything besides the cha soba and mushroom tempura sucks. i know i sound biased but it's true! ok to be fair, nihon has a lot more variety of other dishes than sushi express. just try not to take the sushi. =S
off to watch MIB 2~


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