Friday, June 29, 2012

happy belated birthday~!

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... ...

cannot remember when was the last time we met. must have been like, at least a year and a half? was supposed to meet last last week but somehow it ended up today (yesterday) instead. =)

she chose chiso zanmai for her belated birthday treat - a japanese buffet restaurant i never knew existed in clarke quay central. lol.

the variety of food available was pretty good; majority of it was edible to me (pescetarian remember?) and i was actually very eager to start making the rounds. they have the sushi section, salmon section, tempura section, cold and hot foods sections, and of cos, the drinks and dessert sections. more on that later.

it was rather crowded for a weekday dinner, so if you're going weekends, better make that reservation.

anyway, i think it was somewhat a waste for us to be having buffet cos we're both on a diet and have too much to talk about that we weren't really eating a lot. at least for me.

it was either eat or chat, and i chose the latter. i had a lovely evening. it was one of those rare times i could be myself and not worrying how the other person's gonna judge me. i can never understand how we can not talk for years and still not be awkward when we finally meet. we need to meet more often!! =\ cheers to a decade+ of friendship! ^^

and now for the food. didn't get to try all of them, but those that i took were pretty yummy.
especially the ebi tempura, cha soba, and salmon sashimi! lol i took so much of it i'm almost embarrassed to say. and i had dessert! i almost never have dessert at buffets, so that's saying something. lols. the bill added up to about $32 per pax. quite reasonable i must say, IF you have the time to eat your fill. =)

last but not least, haolian-ing pretty cherry blossoms again.
 head is spinning. good night!

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