Tuesday, July 3, 2012

ipoh day 1 - arrival & wedding dinner

i'm so hardworking - blogging about the trip hours after reaching singapore! lols. had quite a lot of fun this trip and was super reluctant to come back. ipoh seems rather slow-paced and relaxing and there's lots of good food around. my kind of place! well, except for the fact that i can't understand melayu. but luckily majority of the locals can speak english, mandarin and cantonese. there's not much shopping or sightseeing around, so i think it's best to go if you're looking a getaway just to nua and relax.

anyway, i was there mainly to attend an ex-kolic's wedding dinner and the rest of the ex-company have invited us to join them on their day tours. so we had a van and a private tourguide to bring us around for these 2 days. definitely better than if we were to stumble around on our own.

departed on friday night on a five star coach bus. better than expected because of the roomy seats and ample leg space. had a little more sleeping time but could have been better if the driver didn't drive so fast. tsk.

after we arrived at the hotel (our coach brought us directly there), met up with the rest of them, completed check-in, and deposited our luggage in our rooms, it was +/- 6am and the bride took us out for breakfast.

富山茶樓 51, jalan leong sin nam, 30300 ipoh

SSD did some research beforehand and foh san was one of the places we were planning to go. what a surprise when we got to visit it right at the beginning of the trip! however, it was quite torturous having dimsum in such a big group of 13. i didn't get to eat much nor what i had wanted to eat. i even took meat! *faints* but majority of the food was not bad though. =)

there's another dimsum restaurant opposite which SSD heard was better, and another one down the street as our tourguide (ah soon) informed. i so wanna go back and try those!! lols. then went back to hotel for a short rest.

woke up for lunch! *pig* ah soon brought us to one of the more famous ngar choi gai (beansprout chicken) stalls, which incidentally was the one we had planned to visit as well! delight number 2. =)

安記  51, jalan yau tet sin, 30300 ipoh

how can plain ipoh hor fun and beansprouts taste so good?!

ok i tried a tiny piece of chicken and didn't like it. but don't take my word for it. =\

crossed back opposite where our van was parked and saw these cute pastries. angry bird spotted! haha. a lot of us starting snapping photos but i think no one actually bought from the shop. oops.

we wanted to buy famous pastries so ah soon brought us to a famous pastry outlet in the outskirts. (they have many outlets but i suppose the outskirts one is cheaper?)

余合 7,9,11, jalan ampang, taman ipoh jaya, 31350 ipoh

as you can probably see, there's a DO NOT PHOTOGRAPH sign on the pillar. lmao. we went for coffee next! believe it or not, this was also one of the places recommended by SSD's friend. delight number 3! ^^

新源豐 17, jalan bandar timah, 30000 ipoh

some displays from one of the shops nearby. is this even legal?!

went back to rest and prepare for the dinner. love my new teal backless dress! $10 only from mamatiam!

and with the pretty bride!

guess where we went after the dinner? dessert. -_- i think it's one of those food streets that open only at night. no idea the address. =X they have lots of cheap food!! *drools*

our rainbow lolo with yam toppings!

and finally back to the hotel to rest for the night. our combined loots! crazy amount of white coffee. lols.

andddd done with day 1! i have a lot more photos for day 2 so do check back! =D

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