Tuesday, July 24, 2012

my goody last saturday

popped down plaza sing in the morning afternoon for...
first time i actually made the effort and honestly, it wasn't really worth it. lols. we were early and had to stand around for 30 mins. selena came out first and sang some weird chiwawa song, followed by some Q&A. she's pretty though! moses came out next and he also sang a song and some Q&A. we left shortly after the song. so boring! >_<
me videographer fail. lols. then went to nihon for lunch. had the usual cha soba and mushroom tempura. yums! tried the sakura shrimp potato salad. nice, but TOO MUCH LETTUCE! (new instapicframe app sucks. so blur!)
then headed to selegie to dabao 豆花! ^^ and lost our way. lols. and SSD had showed up with random flowers! 
monday was on mc/leave. back to work. i hates. hais. =(

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