Sunday, July 8, 2012

the amazing spiderman

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went to watch the amazing spiderman last friday because SSD had discounted tickets. $5 each only! ^^ managed to rush there in time and he bought sushi! yay! we saw others with mac lor. i should have gotten that too. boo.

anyway, i'm not exactly a fan of spiderman (haven't watched any of the previous installments), so i can't really say if it follows the plot or not. the movie itself was pretty exciting and action-packed, though i can't say the same for the acting. andrew garfield looks good, but his acting sucks. he cries WAY TOO EASILY!! otherwise, quite a watchable movie overall.

we went back plaza sing on saturday to fix our phones, then had manhattan's for lunch! i've been wanting to dine there cos of their independence day promotion.
my small flame. 3 grilled prawns with dunno-what sauce plus fries and garlic herb rice and grilled fish and some veggies. damn yums! quite worth it with the promotion but not so on its own.
SSD's seafood olio.
our mushroom soup and drinks. i think they changed the recipe of the soup cos it wasn't as nice as before. and the root beer float was quite disgusting. LOL.
 the independence day promotion ends today unfortunately. i miss the small flame already. =(

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