Sunday, June 24, 2012

pasar malam and mee!

heard about the pasar malam (night market) at hougang from i-forgot-who, and since i had to drop by to fix my eyebrows, i we decided to have pasar malam food for dinner!

smelly tofu 臭豆腐
the one and only smelly tofu stall there. this is by far the only pasar malam i know that has a smelly tofu stall.  not as nice as the ones in shilin taiwan (obviously), but still, enough to curb my craving for now. i bought it twice; once when we arrived and once more before we left. would have bought more if it weren't so expensive. each box is $3! madness cann?! :(

ice popsicle
another ripper - ice popsicle! i took the sarsi-flavored one. each stick is a dollar. can you imagine how much they're earning?! oh wells. at least it was pretty welcoming in the stifling heat inside. boo.

kuey tutu
been such a long time since i ate this! they have coconut, peanut and chocolate fillings. we got the peanut one. would have preferred coconut but SSD wants peanut. BO BIAN! lol. this stall's kuey tutu isn't very nice i must say. =\

ramly burger
don't laugh, but this is my first time eating ramly's. i've always assumed they only have meat, and it was only until yesterday did i find out - THEY HAVE FISH TOO!! ^^

for those like me who have never eaten ramly's before, here's how they do it. crack an egg, put the meat on it, add mayo and bbq sauce, wrap it up, and place it between buns with chilli sauce. oh did i mention the buns are buttered too.

IT IS SO @)$&#! GOOD!!! though it's a bit too big to bite through so i had to eat it layer by layer. i love the buns and the bbq sauce! and everything else! why nobody tell me earlier that ramly is so yummilicious?! >.<

we tried the crab, prawn, sotong, and fish ones. all sucked. 'nuff said. lols.

we also had taiwan sausage, bandung, and sugarcane. that's a whopping 22 bucks spent on finger-food dinner alone. expensive? yes. fun? yes. regret? nope! i miss 臭豆腐 and ramly's already. =(

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