Monday, May 23, 2011

the tarots guide. they are not our masters.

i guess i haven't been reading the tarots for too long. just did 3 readings for myself, none making enough sense. :(

king of pentacles

kings in a spread can indicate motivation, a beginning or start of something. king of pentacles indicate the drawing up of plans for a new business, new thoughts on how to make money or craft something.

while it's accurate in describing my latest decision, it doesn't seem to answer my question on the outcome.


justice insists that the querent make adjustments, doing whatever is necessary to bring things back into balance. the outcome of all these may not be exactly what the querant wants, but it will be a fair outcome. the message is to do what's necessary, no matter how hard, how disagreeable, in order to gain or regain equilibrium.

does it answer my question? adjustments can be interpreted as good, but what about the 'may not be what the querant wants'?

ten of pentacles

the pinnacle of prosperity, material goods that last instead of being temporary. the querent may find themselves the lucky recipients of something that can be relied on for a good, long while, or something to be passed on to the children, a family inheritance, or just a special, valuable item to pass on.

can knowledge be considered? if so, this is probably the closest answer i got to my question.

i guess i'm so desperate for good news that it's messing up my interpretation skills. bah! never wanted something so much before! i don't know what i'll do if i don't get it. sobs. :(


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