Sunday, May 8, 2011

chris hemsworth! *drools*

never really paid attention to thor when it came out. but people started commenting about the lead actor, which got me interested. did a brief read up, and it was on norse mythology, which got me even more interested. so we watched it.

even though it was a 2-hour movie with a simple straightforward storyline, i still felt the pace was a little too rushed. but it still pretty much packed in the action, comedy, romance, and whatnot. just the kind of movie i like!

and of course, probably the main reason why i think the movie is too short? NOT ENOUGH OF THOR! lols. :D you know, the guy who plays him, chris hemsworth, is actually rather normal-looking, but add the blond hair and everything......oh my! *drools*

next movie: paul.

... ...

finally, the whole GE saga is over. have to admit i don't really care know what the fuss was about, but i certainly don't appreciate noisy lorries blasting incomprehensible rubbish, groups of PAP people distributing flyers at a already jam-packed underpass, PAP/opposition posters on practically every lamp post, GE news taking up SO MUCH space on yahoo news and straits times newspaper...

...and a lot more irritable stuff. yes, this GE shit freaking annoys me! i'm glad it isn't a yearly thing.

let's skip the waste-of-time voting part in the morning. headed to civic centre for lunch. jack's place and restaurant hoshigaoka newly opened!

(1) there were still many seats in the restaurant, but we were left waiting outside for like, 20 minutes? (2) prices are ridiculously high for some dishes. can you believe this plate of 10 sushi costs $17? told them NOT to order but they refused to heed my advice... :(

some other stuff we had...

didn't really eat much since i was meeting SSD for lunch/tea/dinner. nihon mura AS EXPECTED! =)

had yet another shopping 'spree', aka retail therapy. must be the recent spike in stress levels at work. debated for a long time before buying an osim uLuv for my mum. comes in a pretty heart shape. ^^ wished they had it in pink though. *really needs to stop spending so much*

maxi again! i likes. even though it makes me look fat and pregnant. hmmmmmm.

it's the middle of the night and everyone's up watching GE. zzZz. i'm off to bed.


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